Sep 8, 2017

wait is on

It’s been a long wait..  hope the wait ends in few days.

Aug 7, 2017

Back in work

The last two weeks I had been out of  office due to health reasons. This is my first stay in hospital in the span of some 20 years. The smell of hospital really is too bad.  Due to some mosquito bite, Dengue hit me and put me in bed for a week and another week away from work.  This is the longest time i had been thinking about me as well. 

The thoughts which came to be are :

a. what is it going to be in the next 10 years from now

b. what am i doing to improve the lifestyle for me and people dependent on me.

c. What am i really doing, and what should i focus on.

Finally it was a welcome break, and hope it does bring in the energy which gets channelized in the way it should be than just dissapating it everywhere.

Jun 28, 2017

Zinnov Confluence

It was a two days conference, on the Technology and the lattest in the country. Sometimes one need to attend these to know what is the current market trends and where the Technology is marching.  Few things which amazed me is the Use of AI in every field. The new breed of young entrepreneur, in their 20’s are going ahead with the new companies in the field of AI and Cloud.


Amazing how india is growing, in the wave of digitilation. The big companies are slowing down, but the small ones are the ones who are pumping the growth to the indian economoy.

Lot of kids are doing the projects for indian defence and technology is embrassed into society. The US closing the gates can be good sign for rising india, if those young minds do use their expertise and serve it to the society here.