Jun 28, 2017

Zinnov Confluence

It was a two days conference, on the Technology and the lattest in the country. Sometimes one need to attend these to know what is the current market trends and where the Technology is marching.  Few things which amazed me is the Use of AI in every field. The new breed of young entrepreneur, in their 20’s are going ahead with the new companies in the field of AI and Cloud.


Amazing how india is growing, in the wave of digitilation. The big companies are slowing down, but the small ones are the ones who are pumping the growth to the indian economoy.

Lot of kids are doing the projects for indian defence and technology is embrassed into society. The US closing the gates can be good sign for rising india, if those young minds do use their expertise and serve it to the society here.

Jun 26, 2017

Father’ day

I know I am writing it late, but I do still remember the converstations on the Fathers day.

I had gone for a jog on the Father day in Lalbagh, and was sharing the Bench with few olderly men who had been resting and socializing with Few other men of the same age group ( 60-70 years ) in the sitout.

All were complaining how their childrens spend so much on eating these fancy things like Pizza for some 1000 rs.  Everyone was telling the same about their son’s and Daughters. Most of them were saying that in their youth time they always wanted to save thing for the family and the current earning generation thinks its ok to spend. They also shared the fear of availability of food and advese conditions where the their kids have no saving.

I just remember my conversations with my Father Smile ..  I would call it the generation gap.  The next generation which is not gone though any of these how would it behave is to be seen in few years. “ fathers would be fathers, May be I would be sitting in bench some day and then do talk how the generation does things… “

Jun 14, 2017

Tensorflow–new kid in the block

The last week had been a busy days, with me putting efforts to learn the Tensorflow.  I was successfully able to make classification on the flowers though. The next step is to put it into live use.  I would want my computer to give dictation to my kid and would recognise whatever my daughter writes on board and says if its right or wrong.

Well lets see how this goes in this week.