Feb 11, 2017


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This is the market of bengaluru  

Jan 23, 2017


This weekend had to rush to Chennai, to visit my aunt. It had been a completely unplanned trip. Chennai was calm and everywhere I could hear the word JalliKattu. Chennai / Tamilians have made the entire country people turn around and look at what is the issue.

I saw loads and loads of people on road, everyone protesting. Group of people in Bikes are going around with Black flags and everyone thrashing the politicians and the MNC's for reasons which I don't buy in for. Whatever be the case I see there is an uprise coming. For the years I have been in Tamil Nadu, Jallikattu had never been seen as the culture, It had been seen as sports in and around Madurai region.  Every year I have heard/seen on news of people hurt due to Jallikattu. For me, this was the reason for me to not fully agree how this sport was played. How can one endanger his lives for sports?  Celebrating Pongal according to me is Tamil culture.

It's my view that youths are misled on the view that Jallikattu is Tamizhan identity. The impression that central government and State government does not care about Tamil culture and there is an identity crisis for the people here. Social media has done its bit to add more fuel to fire. To some extend government supported this protest to get favorable results from the center.  All youth believed is the verses of Hiphop Tamizha who made a music video supporting jallikattu, In the song, he blamed foreign agencies and a conspiracy against the sport.

There are few other burning issues in Tamil Nadu than jallikattu, is my opinion.

Jan 11, 2017

Rejuvenating thoughts

It has been a seesaw of thoughts going on in the mind today, It's time to really sit back and be on the own for few moments to see what is really going fine and what are the people around me telling. There is always a meaning to what they are saying and what are they trying to tell. It's really an art to understand what it means between the lines.  As this time of the year is always tricky where one want to blame someone to get into tasks which are not working.